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Cell cycle

The cell cycle is divided into different phases: the G1, S, G2 and M phase. The first three phases can be seen as preparations before the division stage, mitosis. During the G1 phase (gap phase) the cell is growing and might even enter a resting phase (usually referred to as G0). When certain checkpoints are fulfilled the cell will move on to the S phase and the synthesis of DNA begins. When the chromosomes have been duplicated a second gap phase (G2) follows. During this phase the cell will continue to grow and double its mass before the last phase, mitosis (M), starts in which the chromosomes are separated and cytokinesis is carried out.

Cyclin B

The cell cycle-dependent protein Cyclin B can be seen in green, counterstained with a marker for the nucleus (blue) and the cytoskeleton (red).

G2 M
S phase G1

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