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 Staining of cytokinetic bridge in human cell line U-2 OS (HPA044257)
Scale bar represents 10µm

Cytoskeleton (cytokinetic bridge)

The cytokinetic bridge is a structure present during the last stage of cell division, the cytokinesis. It is composed of tubulin filaments protruding from two cells meeting at the cleavage furrow. The size of the cleavage furrow is dependent on the progression of the division of the cell, continuously shrinking while progressing. In the latest stage the cleavage furrow will force the structure in two halves and separate the cells.

Immunofluorescent staining

Cytokinetic bridges are annotated in a couple of different forms. The most common observed is staining of the microtubule filaments at the contacting pieces of the two dividing cells. Other stainings are more specific, exclusive to the tips of the microtubule filaments at the contact surface of the cells or of the cleavage furrow, appearing like a ring around the microtubule filaments.

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